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Medegal 能为你的论文、文章、报告或文件提供准确性供校对,也能为你编辑并润色论文、文章等。咨询Medegal了解详细信息!

Medegal通过美国舌英语 - 在医学解说领域的领军者,提供英语医学解说服务,包括英语配音,英语语音表演等。

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Medegal是由一位获奖的沟通咨询师、语音演员及前急救医疗和法医学调查员,Derek Davis创办。在中国,人们称他“DD”或者“美国舌”。Derek的大部分时间都是同时经营两份事业。他在紧急医疗救治,法律调查,语音表演,演讲和英语教育领域多样性的工作背景会带给你很多医学英语和法律英语里可量化的培训经历,这些是普通英语老师或培训公司所不能提供的。医学术语和法律术语的正确、清晰的发音及运用至关重要。


Medegal was founded by an award winning communications consultant, voice actor and former emergency medic and investigator, Derek Davis. Chinese call him "DD" or "American Tongue." Derek has had dual careers most of his life. His diverse background in emergency medical treatment, legal investigations, voice, speech and English instruction, as well as his educational foundation brings many new dimensions of experience to Medical + Legal English training that an ordinary English teacher or training company cannot. Proper enunciation and usage of Medical English and legal terminology is essential.



  • Voice actor (30 years): 1000's of medical narrations and advertisements for medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies world-wide.

  • Broadcasting and voice techniques instructor (20+ years)

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor (18 years)

  • WGRR Radio broadcaster - One of the Top 10 radio stations in North America (1997).

  • China Radio International (CRI) broadcaster, Beijing, China (2009)


Educational Qualifications and Achievements:

  • NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians)

  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

  • Master of Forensic Sciences: Investigations

  • B.Ed (Bachelor of Education; Adult Education)

  • B.Eng (OSH) (Bachelor of Engineering: Occupational Safety and Health)

  • AS: (Associates of Applied Science: 1) Broadcasting / Journalism 2) Applied Science)

  • Comptia A+ Cert (Computer Hardware/Software Certification)

  • FREA (Financial Records Examination and Analysis)

  • U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC): Investigator Basic Training


Awards and Acknowledgements:

  • U.S. Department of Treasury Special Service Award (2003)

  • U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC): Distinguished graduate

  • ISPIN4U Entertainment - “Wedding DJ of the Year” (2003)

  • Coined the term "professional pause" that is used in speeches.


Journals / Articles (A brief list):

  • “The History of the Macarena” (1996)“

  • "10 Recommendations for Wedding Receptions” (2002)

  • “The Most Appropriate Wedding Song Suggestions” (2003)

  • ​"The Art of Public Speaking & Glossophobia Remediation" (2006)

  • ​"How to Become a Better Voice Talent" (2012)

  • "Where Does Wealth Come From?" (2013) *China Daily Editor's Pick

  • "How to Develop and Maintain Finely-tuned Professional Skills" (2013)

  • "Nomophobia" (2013)

  • "How to Become a Better English Speaker" (2013)

Books / E-lessons:

  • "TEWG Handbook" (2004) [Government publication]

  • “American Slang” (2005)

  • “Idioms in American English” (2007)

  • “Popular Expressions used in American English” (2009)

  • Medegal's "Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences" (2013)

  • "American Slang, Idioms, Proverbs & Expressions" 跟“美国舌”学美国俚语  Sinopec Press, ISBN: 978-7-5114-2887-5 (2014)

  • American Tongue's "BIG BOOK of Contemporary English" (2014)

  • "Everyday English: 3300 MUST KNOW TERMS (2015)

  • "Medegal's Medical English and Clinical Terminology Expanded” (2016)

  • Everyday English: Intermediate (2016)

  • Everyday English for Professionals (2017)

  • American Tongue Phrasal Verbs (2017)

  • "Medegal's Health Care English Workbook" (2017)

  • NEW! Business Communications (2017)


Learning is an acquired skill; and, to learn anything well enough to develop a skill takes practice. So, practice learning.  -- Derek Davis (DD)




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Note: Courses do not train students how to practice law or medicine. 我们的课程不教学生法律和医学应用。

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