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Medical English got you puzzled??


Our NEW Medical English Discussions (Mediscussion) will teach you how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together so you can understand!

Outcome = Improved listening and speaking.

· All material is included!

· Learn at your own pace.

· No meeting times or class schedules.

· Perfect for doctors or nurses who have alternating shifts.

· Video discussions, practical exercises using patient record samples, quizzes to test your knowledge.

· Supplemental material features 3-D animated videos to demonstrate medical procedures, illnesses, treatments, etc.

· Learn on your computer at the office, at home, or on the go on your mobile phone.

· Certified, Experienced, Native English speaking, Medical training instructor


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Note: Courses do not train students how to practice law or medicine. 我们的课程不教学生法律和医学应用。

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